Contributing Windows 10 ARM Cellular Data

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Contributing Windows 10 ARM Cellular Data

Post by The_GTA » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:51 am

Dear WoA community,

you may have heard about gus33000's latest cellular work that aims to provide full call/texting/mobile-data support for WoA builds past 18908. While he already is doing an amazing job at the RILServiceInit program, there are ways how we can help him.

Cellular stuff was working fine in WoA builds 18908 or prior. But then MSFT decided to restructure certain API, especially things that have long been deemed deprecated. The goal is to fully capture the API as it was prior to the change so that it can be remade for newer WoA builds (because MSFT won't help us anymore).

Follow my instructions as posted in this repository, if you want to help.

Feel free to post the logfiles into this topic, after cleaning them up. Just be reminded that the API data could contain details about your SIM (mobile number, etc). Not sure how to redact the data without falsifying the API test results.

Motivation for this project was gus33000' statement where he is unsure where certain details in API were coming from:
gus33000 wrote:These values seem unique per SIM (?)
Only the ones I highlighted do change between SIMs and looks like they must
be valid in order for calls to work properly in windows
No idea where they come from. Change if you have problems.
They are from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Notifications\Data 0D8A0B2EA3BDF475
which is actually this entire struct if you take into consideration the change counter at the very beginning (DWORD size 4)
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