Updated step by steps needed

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Updated step by steps needed

Post by Serpentbane » Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:42 pm

So, having three Lumias (1x950 and 2x950XL) I'm interested in this project. However, getting started is not as straight forward as one would like. It's not that I'm unable to find information, it's that the information I find tend to be either fragmented or outdated, or I'm not actually able to determine if it's outdated or not. Also, some tutorials tend to assume people knows a lot more than many people actually do.

When I started searching for information I found several pages with step by steps that had slightly different information, same goes for videos. Some information points at GitHub, others at files shared from some one drive account. And different tools are used.

Although I'm sure most of these could work, it is hard to determine what's the latest "official unofficial" release. Because this is WIP and there is a huge difference now from a couple of months ago.

I was happy to find this site then, official project site, with a tutorial section. I was equally disappointed to find only one post marked outdated. How come the official site for the project do not have updated information on how to get started. A single page with step by step instructions, with url's to the most resent and recommended source material. Then you could update in one location, and this would be THE location to go to get started. If the information is out and readily available, people would not have to spend time searching for the right information, and people would not have to ask so many questions.
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Re: Updated step by steps needed

Post by Lumiatic » Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:58 am

Hello Serpentbane,

many thanks for your Feedback.
Currently we are working on it to bring all the necessary informations like a Step by step Guide and
a Download Section with the required Files and Tools.

Plus we want to keep this up to Date.

We make a short announcement on the Telegram Channel when we are Done :-)

Best regards,
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