Boot order / Dual Boot

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Boot order / Dual Boot

Post by olli204 » Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:59 am


I have got USB Charging working and I am very happy that WoA on my L950XL runs now perfectly stable. There are no longer any crashes when using the GPU driver.
The team did an amazing work!! Thank you all!!!

Because of Windows 10 ARM is running so well, I want to change the boot order.
Windows 10 Mobile is set on top when I turn the phone on.
Does anyone knows how I can set Windows 10 ARM on top?

Another issue I have:
I tried to disable "Dual Boot" temporaly to get the latest Windows Updates (Windows 10 ARM) installed.
Unfortunately, the Deployment Tool does not turn it off. It says it has, but when I reboot the phone, Windows 10 Mobile is still there to boot.

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