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Zylophin RX According to some research the more you think about your partner or your partner when you are separated, the more you fall in love with it.eternal love Are you happy when your better half reaches a goal or receives good news? Feeling jealous or feeling envious if, for example, he receives a job promotion is certainly not a good sign. Do you fight? Many couples manage to move forward without ever bickering, yet if you care about someone you will have been disappointed by his behavior. Never arguing can mean that one of you is too scared or afraid of losing the other and doesn't want to take risks. Do you make peace immediately after a fight? Making him pay or keep the nose for days risks destroying a relationship. It would be better to try to make up for it and leave everything behind. Do you love yourself? Kissing, hugging, cuddling, holding hands are all essential gestures to be truly 'connected'. Do you put your relationship first? Of course, there are things in life that are more important than a love relationship (work, a sick parent or friends to console), yet the most satisfied couples in general are those that give priority to their love story. Do happy moments spent together exceed those unhappy? According to the American couple relations guru, John Gottman, for every five happy moments spent with your partner, there is one of unhappiness Defend your partner in public? The natural instinct, when you have a relationship, is always to take sides with your partner or your partner. Do you forgive easily? Holding a grudge or failing to accept the apology of one's partner could be the antechamber to divorce. Do you prefer to always be right or be happy? Having an arrogant attitude or always being competitive risks compromising the relationship.eternal love If your partner is in a bad mood, do you immediately become defensive and feel attacked or try to understand what has strangled him? Feeling tired, having spent a night in the white, maybe having some money at work are things that happen to everyone. Not taking it personally is always preferable. Do you hope your partner can fulfill all your wishes? Fantastic as it may be, there is no person who can always satisfy your needs. Really happy couples know this and can find other sources of satisfaction in friends, family or at work. Do you always check your partner or leave him his spaces? ... hancement/
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