Dual boot Android or Linux?

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Dual boot Android or Linux?

Post by gilius » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:48 pm

I wonder if it's possible to dual boot Android or Linux? I found out that BCDEDIT is no longer locked down in 1903 - though that seems secondary to a primary bootloader that has the Developer menu, etc. I already tried to boot the following using the ARM64 EFI file but it failed:

No Android emulators seems to work on WOA through the x86 emulation due to problems accessing graphics acceleration.

How about passing the EFI bootloader to GRUB for Linux or Goldfish kernel for Android?

We might be able to achieve something similar to this:

But we don't have any way to boot from USB to start with as there's no GUI for the EFI bootloader.

Currently, I can do everything on Windows except use the HSBC Online banking app - requires Android or IOS.
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