In case you stuck on the "Automatic Repair" / "Troubleshoot" Menu

Stuck at some Point? Your Lumia is already dead? Maybe others can help you!
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In case you stuck on the "Automatic Repair" / "Troubleshoot" Menu

Post by BenWagner » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:15 am

Hello everyone,

sometimes you may have to reset your device on a "ungraceful" way which leads to the point the "Automatic Repair" / "Troubleshoot" menu will show up as we know from the good old Windows 10 x86 days.

There are two versions to solve this:

Using your Windows 10 PC
  • Enable the USB Mass-Storage mode by choosing "Developer Menu" in the boot menu on your device
  • Open up the command line on your PC by using the TaskManager => File => Run => "cmd" with some elevation
  • Type: fsutil repair set <Letter Of Your MainOS Partiion> 0
The Comfortable way - Use the WoA Installer (Not available yet)

This will come later
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